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How to Apply

MSE and MS: The interdisciplinary Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) and Master of Science (MS) degree programs are offered exclusively through the Division of Engineering Professional Education (ProEd). Visit Requirements & Deadlines for a complete description of the application process and Tuition & Fees for cost details and payment options.


ProEd partners with Indiana University’s Kelley Direct to offer a 60-credit-hour dual degree program which allows you to earn the interdisciplinary MSE or MS degree and then Kelley’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Visit Purdue Engineering - Kelley School of Business for a program overview and a description of the application process and requirements.


These master’s degree programs are offered by their respective schools within Purdue’s College of Engineering with distance courses administered by ProEd. Visit the Web sites below for the most up-to-date information on application requirements, deadlines and program descriptions.

MSAAE: MS in Aeronautics & Astronautics
MSECE: MS in Electrical & Computer Engineering
MSIE:  MS in Industrial Engineering
MSME:  MS in Mechanical Engineering
MS in CS:  MS in Computer Science

Credit courses - Choose one of the following three options:
  • Degree-seeking or certificate program. If you are already admitted to Purdue’s Graduate School for one of the master’s degree or certificate programs or if you wish to apply, begin here.
  • Non-degree-seeking (post baccalaureate): If you wish to take a course for personal enrichment or to transfer credits to another university, or if you plan to apply for admission to a Purdue master’s degree program but have missed the deadline, apply here.
  • Audit: If you are interested in auditing a course with no letter grade or credit for the course, you will need to apply to the graduate school if not already an admitted student. Review the course audit procedures for details. Remember, if you register for audit status, you CANNOT later request a change to credit status; however, you may request to change from credit to audit within the published semester deadlines.

Non-credit short courses for professional development.
If you are interested in non-credit short courses, you do not need to apply to Purdue’s Graduate School. You may immediately register for a course.