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Purdue University Graduate School Application
You will submit your application to the Purdue Graduate School online. To avoid delayed processing times, possible overpayment of fees, or cancellation of pending registrations, please be sure to read and fully understand the instructions before submitting your application. If you have questions, simply save the part you’ve already completed and contact us or click on the Technical Help button. See below for specific instructions for the program to which you’re applying.


Choose this option if you are applying for a degree program or a certificate program for the first time.

This includes current non-degree students who wish to apply for admission to a degree or certificate program.


Choose this option if you are taking your first credit course and will not be applying for admission to a degree program at this time.

This includes students who wish to take a course for personal enrichment or transfer credits to another university, as well as those planning to apply for admission to a Purdue master’s degree program who have missed the deadline and want to take a pre-admission course in non-degree status.

Choose this option if you have already been admitted as a Purdue master’s degree-seeking student but haven’t completed a Purdue graduate-level course for one calendar year.

Before submitting the application, please contact ProEd to verify your status.


  • Call toll-free in U.S. (877) 598-4233