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Advancing the Future of Engineering
Our distance faculty, many of them award-winning instructors and researchers, are drawn from a number of engineering departments as well as the science, statistics and mathematics departments. As a major research university, Purdue prides itself on the quality of its faculty and continuously challenges them toward interdisciplinary pursuits. Dale Harris, Executive Director of Engineering Professional Education and Professor of Engineering Education, works with a faculty committee to develop new curricula and encourage innovative teaching.

Douglas E. Adams
Asst Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Ray W. Herrick Laboratories, Purdue

Prof. Adams teaches ProEd short courses in addition to his classroom teaching and research in diagnostics and prognostics. He was awarded a 2001 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers by President George W. Bush, in addition to these impressive honors: 2001 Army Young Investigator Award, 2002 Purdue Mechanical Engineering Discovery Award, 2003 Purdue Engineering Young Researcher Excellence Award, and 2003 Structural Health Monitoring Person of the Year Award.

It’s no surprise that he’s already listed in the Purdue Book of Great Teachers. Prof. Adams earned his M.S. in ME from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati.

By the Numbers - 2009-10

Faculty who taught distance education - 47

Faculty who taught for the first time through ProEd – 13

Faculty who mentored project courses – 2