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Photo of Andy FinchMaximizing my Time – Earning a Top-Notch Degree
Andy Finch
Seattle, WA
MSE-MBA: MSE graduate currently pursuing the MBA portion of this dual degree program.

“My problem before beginning my master’s degree program was that I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Now I would consider the coursework requisite to my current job, and the key to future options. During my studies I always applied my class projects to my work to see immediate results. It was definitely time well invested.”

Master Of Engineering Distance Learning Gives You the Flexibility to Learn on Your Time
Engineering Professional Education lets you earn a graduate degree while maintaining your career momentum. The convenience and flexibility of Purdue master of engineering distance education means there’s no need for you to take a leave of absence from work to pursue a valuable academic opportunity. And because there are no residency requirements, you can take our classes from anywhere in the world.

All Distance Learning Classes are Available Online
Courses are delivered asynchronously via streaming video over the Internet to students around the globe shortly after they are taught live in a classroom on campus.

  • Delivery via Webcast or DVD may be available in select cases. See specific course description for optional delivery methods.
  • You will need to view course lectures regularly to keep current with homework assignments, quizzes and exams.
  • Professors post assignments, hold telephone and e-mail office hours for discussion, and communicate about course requirements.
  • Learn more about taking engineering courses or view an online class demo.

The Prestige of Purdue, Wherever You Are
As a master of engineering distance education student, you will earn the same degree as those who take classes on campus. This gives you the ability to learn from a Top 10 program at your convenience, from anywhere in the world.

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