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A Top 10 Graduate Engineering Program Available Wherever You Are.

If you’re an engineering professional seeking to expand your credentials without disrupting your career, Purdue’s distance learning is the ideal answer. Taking online graduate courses for a master of science degree, certificate or professional development on demand over the Internet enables you to pursue your degree or build your professional skills on your schedule – at home, at work or whatever location best suits your situation.

Purdue online distance learning enables you to access the same world-class teaching faculty who teach on campus, and choose from a course list that reflects the breadth and depth of knowledge only a major research university can provide.

  • Ways to Participate - You may take online graduate courses towards master of science degrees or certificates, as well as professional development engineering short courses and other non-degree options.

  • About Distance Learning - While all graduate courses are online, you’ll earn the same degree as on-campus students. There are no residency requirements. Anyone with a bachelor’s degree and appropriate prerequisites is eligible to apply.

  • Taking Graduate Courses Online - The delivery format varies per course, with streaming video over the Internet being the primary method. Select engineering courses are available via Webcast or DVD. See individual engineering course descriptions for available delivery methods for the courses that interest you.

  • Our Students - Engineers from around the world enhance their professional standing with the prestige of a Purdue education through our online graduate courses and distance learning programs, earning the same high-quality degree as our on-campus students.

  • Our Faculty - Distance courses are taught by the same award-winning faculty who teach in the classroom at Purdue. Highly respected, devoted to excellence, and integral to the success of Purdue’s consistently top-ranked engineering programs, Purdue faculty members are among the world’s best. As a Purdue student, you can expect to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of world-class professors from a diverse teaching and research institution.

  • Our Partners & Clients - Our partnerships with leading companies in automotive, manufacturing, aerospace, consumer products and more are mutually beneficial. The excellence of our academic graduate programs raises the performance bar for employees attending Purdue classes, bringing added value to the workplace. Furthermore, the collaboration between the university and business – shaped by our ability to customize Master of Science engineering programs to the specific needs and goals of each of our partner companies -- enriches and advances the ongoing success and competitiveness of both institutions. If you are interested in becoming a partner company contact our Director of Marketing and Sales, Melanie Johnston.
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