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PURVAC Visual Analytics 2008 Summer Camp (July 14 - 18)

Our week long program features selected topics in visualization, visual analytics and homeland security. Participants will learn how to use available products for creating their own data visualizations and gain hands on experience with visual analytics tools that are being developed by PURVAC. No programming experience is required, only basic computer skills.

For July 2008, the Summer Camp focused on visual analytics for biological homeland security to match the background of the students. Students were introduced to visual analytics applications in pandemic influenza, cancer care, healthcare engineering, public health, epidemiology, and animal health. The workshop provided overviews, in-depth presentations, and hands-on exercises in visual analytics and data analysis as well as introductions to advanced graphics, haptics, and visualization capabilities. The latest information on pandemic influenza was also presented by an epidemiologist. Hands-on exercises gave the students the opportunity to utilize freely available web-based visualization tools to apply the visual analytic principles and techniques they learned.

Participating students were undergraduate students in the Bioinformatics in Biodefense Career Development Program at Jackson State University, led by Dr. Raphael Isokpehi. The Bioinformatics in Biodefense Summer Institute Program was funded by a Career Development Grant from DHS S&T University Programs. The participating students were Jessica Bell, Jennifer Sims, Juanquina Thomas, Donee McAllister and Shyretha Brown.