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Creating An Effective Visual Analytic Environment

We are developing visual analytic environments for the communication of information and insight from massive, disparate, incomplete, and time-evolving homeland security data sets. Our environments are comprehensive, providing analytic capabilities that enable the entire process from receiving massive raw data, to the integration and extraction of relevant data necessary for the information analysis task, to the integrated visual presentation and analysis environment for evidence-based planning, decision making, and response.

In developing this environment, PURVAC focuses on three important and representative homeland security challenges that can benefit from systematic analysis of massive data: emergency planning and response, mobile analytics, and healthcare management and monitoring. All three of these challenges require improved strategies for exploratory visual analysis of data as well as the user-specific presentation of relevant information as a basis for actionable decision making. PURVAC integrates and builds upon our team's proven expertise in novel visualization techniques, perception, statistical modeling, data management, privacy, health-care management, event simulation, and evaluation to develop new task, user and display specific integrated visual representations for these applications.

Research Challenges

  1. The science of analytical reasoning
  2. Visual representations and interaction techniques
  3. Data representations, transformations, and synthesis
  4. Production, presentation, and dissemination


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Part of the DHS Regional Visualization and Analytics Center (RVAC) Center of Excellence