Member Development Committee

MD focuses inward and spends time to ensure that the people in PSEF are growing with the organization. We help make PSEF feel like a family rather than just a student organization.

Social Events:

  • Food Club: PSEF takes over a restaurant and grabs a bite to eat
  • Seasonal Events: Pumpkin Carving and Corn Mazes to Ice Skating and Gingerbread House Making
  • Intramural Sports: PSEF puts up a good fight in intramural leagues

Leadership and Professional Development:

  • MD-Retreat: Each semester, MD puts on an MD-retreat for PSEF focused on either leadership or professionalism. Past topics have been: MyStrengths, Self-Care, Self-Advocacy in Professional Settings, etc.


  • MD creates the apparel that PSEF gets to sport on campus! From t-shirts to rain jackets to sweatbands, PSEF has it. We poll members’ interest in apparel and work on making it happen throughout the semester.

Purdue Day of Giving:

  • This past year, MD took on gathering donations for Purdue Day of Giving, a huge fundraiser for student organizations. We tackled the various challenges and campaigns to raise funds for the organization.


  • Last but not least, MD is in charge of what we call PSEF Love. Everyone in PSEF is valued for their time and effort, and MD works to show the appreciation PSEF has for all of its members. Whether this be through MVP spotlights or conversations at general meetings, MD tries for PSEF to feel as close to a family as possible.