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Create a vibrant on-line collaborative marketplace for the Indiana tooling industry - To provide a medium for delivering and communicating the most current technologies and training developed by Indiana's leading educational institutions and technology companies so that the Indiana tooling industry can gain a competitive advantage. Indiana has a strong manufacturing heritage and industrial base; however, over the past decade, Indiana has lost significant market share to neighboring states and foreign countries. Studies have shown that the Indiana industrial tooling and equipment industry (which includes die shops, foundry, and molders) lags behind in technology resources and information technology tools. Through the Indiana 21st Century Fund initiative and the National Science Foundation Partnership for Innovation Award, Imaginestics, Purdue University, and several other Indiana institutions have been charged with the task of making ToolingNet a reality.


  • Mechanical Engineering:
    Dr. Karthik Ramani, Chan Chung, Ajoy Raj, Vineeth Agarwal, Alex Lee
  • Industrial Engineering:
    Harshal Patwardhan

IIndiana 21st Century Research and Technology Fund
Purdue University Faculty Scholar Award

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Current Events

NSF Multi-disciplinary Workshop

August 30-31, 2004