ESCM : Environmental Supply Chain Management

The aim of our research is to develop LCA-type tools to link material flows analyses with ESCM in order to stimulate innovations in products, processes, and management techniques to the scope of ESCM.

A major part of supply chain management (SCM) is concerned with the sharing of responsibility for various aspects of performance such as: lead time, transaction cost, product quality, effective communication among suppliers, manufacturers, distributor and retailers. Environmental supply chain management (ESCM) defines its scope to the end user and beyond, to reuse, recycling, and disposal. Environmental matters have not traditionally been highly valued in supply chain management. In order to analyze environmental impact over the supply chain, effective tools and methodologies should be integrated into ESCM. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), a technique for gathering data and improving the environmental performance of a product, is a candidate for ESCM integration. However, LCA applies to a specific product and there are practical problems related to data, time, expense, and expertise requirements to conduct an LCA. Therefore, research is required to adapt LCA for integration with ESCM. A system level tool will be developed to frame a comparative environmental analysis of products capable of performing broadly equivalent functions. The results will be mapped with data confidence indicators. This mapping will provide a means to understand the environmental impacts and material flows associated with supply decisions.


  • Mechanical Engineering:
    Dr. Karthik Ramani, Jun-Ki Choi
  • Industrial Engineering:
    Dr. Julie Ann Stuart
  • Civil Engineering:
    Dr. Loring Nies

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[1] Jun-Ki Choi, Julie Ann Stuart, Karthik Ramani (2003), "Decision Support Tools for Environmental Product and Process Management:Survey and Needs" Intenrnational Society for Environmental Information Sciences(ISEIS) Conference, Regina, Canada

Poster Presentation
[1] Jun-Ki Choi, Karthik Ramani (2003) "Decision Support Tools for Sustainable Supply Chain Management" International Society for Industrial Ecology(ISIE) Conference, Ann Arbor, MI July 1,2003

[2] Jun-Ki Choi, Julie Ann Stuart, Loring F .Nies,and Karthik Ramani "Mapping Environmental Impacts along Extended Supply Chain" Poster Abstract and Presentation for the Environmental Sciences & Engineering Institute(ESEI) Symposium, Lafayette, IN April 11, 2003

[3]Jun-Ki Choi, Julie Ann Stuart, Loring F. Nies and Karthik Ramani " Decision Support Tools for Sustainable Supply Chain Management" Poster Abstract and Presentation for the Environmental Review Research Exhibit at Purdue, West Lafayette, IN the May 8, 2003

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August 30-31, 2004