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2019-2020 Research Projects

PhD Research

Sensing dust concentration by imaging

PI: Dr. Kingsly Ambrose

The role of chemical agents (surfactants) and electrostatics in coalescence

PI: Prof. Osman A. Basaran

Safety in Academic & Industrial Laboratories

Joint Topic with CISTAR, NSF Funded

Inherently Safe & Secure Physical Systems

Joint Topic with CISTAR, NSF Funded

Safer materials and processing design for next-generation printed electronics

PI: Prof. Letian Dou

New directions in prevention by catalyst design

PI: Prof. Raj Gounder

Optimal placement of detectors and new directions driven by systems engineering approaches (continuing project)

PI: Prof. Carl Laird

Modeling and uncertainty analysis of dust explosion

PI: Prof. Zoltan Nagy

Battery safety by materials design

PI: Prof. Vilas Pol

High-throughput quantum chemical calculation of Benson group values for reliable thermodynamic characterization

PI: Prof. Brett Savoie

Catalyst design and reactor runaway: selective oxidation of alcohols

PI: Prof. Arvind Varma

Professional M.S. Research

Co-Processing Renewable Feedstock in a Distillate Hydrotreater (CountryMark)

Design and construct a prototype of a benchtop tool to be used to screen chemicals for reactivity (Fauske)

Determination of Minimum Sufficient Dispersion Model Scenarios for Gas Detection Optimization (Kenexis)

Dimensional analysis and similitude for multiphase flows in pipe reactors (Chevron / DowAgro)

Improving Understanding of Hazards of Process Plants through PHA Gamification (Kenexis)

Leveraging Data Science for Oil & Gas Asset Integrity Management (Chevron/DowAgro)

Optimization of Gasoline & Diesel Product Blending (CountryMark)

Thermal Hazards in the Pharmaceutical Industry (AMGEN)

Understanding Ignition Properties of Flammable Gas / Particulate Mixtures & Mitigation Through Inerting; (3M)

Undergraduate Research

Installation and use ARSST calorimeter on select systems

PI: Prof. Ray Mentzer and Prof. Rajamani Gounder
Project suggested/proposed by: Lilly

Assessment of Benson Groups Missing from CHETAH for Thermodynamic Property Prediction

PI: Prof. Ray Mentzer and Prof. Brett Savoie
Project suggested/proposed by: Lilly

Develop guidance on energy released during testing vs. mass of sample

PI: Prof. Ray Mentzer
Project suggested/proposed by: AMGEN

Energy Released from Samples

Analysis of process safety incidents and root causes for over a dozen industries

PI: Prof. Ray Mentzer
Project suggested/proposed by: Prof Mentzer