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2016 Fall P2SAC Conference

2016 Fall P2SAC Conference

Event Date: November 10, 2016
Hosted By: Purdue Process Safety & Assurance Center (P2SAC)
Location: Forney Hall of Chemical Engineering
Contact Name: Osman Basaran
Contact Phone: (765) 494-4061
Contact Email:
Priority: No
School or Program: Chemical Engineering
College Calendar: Show
Update on ongoing P2SAC funded research projects, guest presentations, and discussion of participant companies' future process safety research needs.


Wednesday, November 9

(not the official day of the conference but everyone is welcome to attend)

  • 3:30‐5:00 Dr. George Harriott, Air Products: Analysis and simulation of leak detection on gas pipelines (guest lecture emphasizing asymptotic and numerical approaches that will be given during ChE 620, Graduate Transport I course, taught by Professor Osman A. Basaran)

Thursday, November 10
FRNY 3059

  • 7:45‐8:00 Osman Basaran (Professor of ChE and Academic Director P2SAC, Purdue): Welcome, status of P2SAC, and agenda
  • 8:00‐8:50 Prasad Goteti (Honeywell): LOPA (Layers of Protection Analysis)

  • 8:50‐9:35 Carl Laird (Professor of ChE, Purdue): Optimal placement of gas detectors in process facilities: Bringing optimization‐based gas detector placement into practice

  • 9:35‐9:45 Coffee and snack break

  • 9:45‐10:25 Raj Gounder (Professor of ChE, Purdue): Synthesis of solid Lewis acids for safer oxidation reactions

  • 10:25‐11:15 George Harriott (Air Products): Recent advances in leak detection on gas pipelines

  • 11:15‐12:00 Edward Marszal (President, Kenexis): Gas detector scenario coverage mapping using computational fluid dynamics dispersion modeling

  • 12:00‐12:45 Catered lunch

  • 12:45‐1:30 Ray Mentzer (Visiting Professor of ChE, Purdue): Overview of core undergraduate process safety course in Purdue’s School of Chemical Engineering

  • 1:30‐2:15 Jonathan Bach (NIOSH): Prevention through design

  • 2:15‐2:55 Linda Wang and Vilas Pol (Professors of ChE, Purdue): Upcycling plastic waste to useful products

  • 2:55‐3:35 Zoltan Nagy (Professor of ChE, Purdue): Fault tolerant control for safe plant operation

  • 3:35‐4:05 Marabeth Holsinger (Dow): Advances in chemical reactivity evaluation at Dow

  • 4:05‐4:15 Refreshment break

  • 4:15‐6:30 Prognosis and outlook: discussion of possible future center projects

    • Ray Mentzer (Visiting Professor of ChE, Purdue) Vision and role of P2SAC, and transition to discussion of new directions

    • Discussion to be moderated by Profs. Basaran and Mentzer New projects and new directions

  • 6:30 Adjournment

  • 7:00 pm Executive Committee dinner