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Chapter Topic
Introduction (32:17)
  Simple C Examples (9:15)
  Linux in Windows using VirtualBox (9:34)

Writing C Programs using Eclipse (7:27)

Writing C Programs using Netbeans (slides)

  Data Types (6:01)
Flow Control (45:20)
  If, Switch, For, While (12:08)
  Common Mistakes (8:12)
  Array (5:04)
  Pointer (5:45)
  Function (8:12)
  Sorting (5:59)
File (17:08)
  Open, Read, Write, Close (4:36)
  String (7:01)
  Example: Couting Words (5:31)
Memory Management (20:50)
  Allocation and Release (6:54)
  Memory Leak and Detection (2:49)
  Pointer Examples (11:07)
Example: Sorting the Lines in a File (7:23)
Example: Sorting by the n-th Words in Each Line (6:19)
  Vector (3:29)
  Person, Structure with Pointer (4:07)
  Deep Copy (8:31)