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Grading for ECE 264 Fall 2012

Assessment Methods

  • On-line Exams (60 points), held in EE 206, EE207, and ITaP Labs. Seat assignments will be announced before each exam.
    • 2 midterm in-class (75 minutes) exams, 20 points each.
    • 1 final exam (2 hours), 20 points.
    • All exams are open-book (any book) and open-note. You cannot use the Internet to search for information. You can use gcc to compile your program. Every question has Makefile.
  • Programming Assignments (30 points). Multiple individual programming assignments, divided into 6 stages, 5 points for each.You must start doing the assignments early. It is impossible for you to finish an assignment within one day. Do not procrastinate.
  • Exercises (10 points). 5 exercises, 2 points each.
  • Instructors may give bonus points for quizzes and attendance.
  • You will lose 50% points in exercises or assignments if your programs have memory leak.

All assignments and exercises are due at 6PM on Tuesdays except for IPA2-4, which is due on a Thursday. Your program must be submitted through Blackboard. You can submit as many times as you like on Blackboard before the deadline.  The last submission posted to Blackboard will be the one used in grading. We  have provided a testing server to check your algorithms.  You can submit your code up to 50 times per assignmnet.  If the number of testcases you pass does not improve after five submissions, you should talk to the instructors or the TAs. Do not use the testing server as a debugger. Since you have limited submissions, it would not be wise to submit if you know your programs have syntax errors.  Do not try to change random things and hope you get lucky.  You will receive a report soon after each submission to the testing server.

Letter Grades

Grade Total Score (out of 100) Exercises and Programming Assignments (out of 40)
A >= 80 >= 28
B >= 70 >= 24
C >= 60 >= 20
D >= 50 >= 16
F below 50, or programming assignments below 16, or fail any learning objective

Your total score will be rounded up to the smallest integer (for example, 72.1 becomes 73).

Late Policy

Since you can submit multiple times and receive grade reports, the deadlines are firm and you will receive zero if your submission is late. If Purdue cancels classes or the submission server is down on the due day, the deadline is extended until classes are resumed or the server is running.