Information for Parents

Parents' Perspectives

The following testimonials were provided by parents of Purdue Engineering students and should give some insight into a parents experience when their son or daughter becomes a Boilermaker.

"Purdue has been a perfect fit for our daughter—the right amount of work and play. She has felt at home there since her first tour and is receiving a fabulous education. The opportunities afforded her to pursue her chosen profession [mechanical engineering] are exceptional. Being a part of the Purdue Student Engineering Foundation organization gives her a place to interact with others in the field."

Pam and Will Wilkinson
Parents of Marykathryn Wilkinson
Phoenix, Arizona

"It always amazes me how comfortable we feel about sending Dennis to Purdue, which is 800 miles away from home with no friends and relatives nearby. We were really impressed with the campus, the town, and especially the friendly people during our visit for admitted students. In fact, Dennis made his decision of attending the school in the Student Union during that visit. It’s a pivotal moment. We were so happy for him and extremely supportive of him. He is doing well at school and enjoys his college life. He has grown to be more independent. and we believe he is going to have a great future."

Stephen and Polly Chu
Parents of Dennis Chu
Middletown, New Jersey