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For Parents

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Daughter or Son Should Choose Purdue

  1. World-Class Education

    U.S. News & World Report consistently ranks Purdue Engineering among the top 10 engineering programs in the nation and top 40 in the world. The Wall Street Journal recently gave Purdue a #2 ranking in its guide to a career in engineering. Earning a Purdue Engineering degree will prepare your student to succeed in the working world. Having a degree from an institution that employers and colleagues recognize and respect is like having a perpetual advantage. See our latest rankings.

  2. Time to Decide

    All Purdue engineering students enter in the First-Year Engineering Program, share a common first-year curriculum, and have a full year to declare a major. During an engineering student's first semester, a discovery process is followed to investigate the many career choices available to them. We give your student time and the resources to make informed decisions about their future.

  3. Guidance and Support

    We offer plenty of resources to help your student make a smooth transition to college. Your student will have access to an award-winning team of advisors; opportunities for peer mentoring; and academic resources including tutors, courses for success, and academic help rooms.

  4. Real-World Experience

    Employers expect students to have some experience. Purdue students have many opportunities to gain experience, a few examples include: Co-Ops through the Professional Practice Program, internships, Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF), or through the Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) program. Any of these options for gaining experience will help jumpstart your student's career.

  5. A History of Diversity

    Diversity is more than a buzzword at Purdue, it's a tradition. Purdue is perennially among the top five institutions granting the most undergraduate engineering degrees to women thanks in no small part to our Women in Engineering Program. Purdue is also a leader among Big 10 universities in the total number of minority students graduating with B.S. degrees in engineering. The Minority Engineering Program helps make it happen.

  6. Access to Great Career Opportunities

    While we cannot guarantee a job for any student, our experience speaks for itself: 91 percent of Purdue engineering graduates are successfully placed professionally or academically within 6 months of graduation. Check out Purdue's leading Center for Career Opportunities interviewing program.

  7. Big School Opportunities, Small School Feel

    Your student can choose from nearly 900 student organizations, sports, musical and theatrical events, and a myriad of other activities. The infinite social, learning, leadership, and entertainment opportunities enable students to carve their own niche and further define themselves.

  8. Excellence and Value

    Four years of college tuition payments are an investment, and you should expect to get a good return on that investment. At Purdue, you will. Purdue Engineering's combination of outstanding reputation, high-quality education, and affordability sets us apart. Smart Money magazine ranked Purdue in the top ten nationally in its survey of long-term value of a college education. Kaplan's "Unofficial Unbiased Insider's Guide" rated Purdue as a best value and a place where students can best prepare for their careers.

  9. International experience

    Nearly 6,000 students and 890 faculty and staff from 126 countries bring the world to Purdue. Every day your student will study side by side with the world's peoples. Purdue also hosts over 200 study abroad opportunities in more than 45 countries. The exposure here or abroad to the international community will help your student understand and appreciate the variety of approaches to knowledge and beliefs that exist. Purdue Engineering's Global Engineering Program offers students opportunities for first-hand international experiences.

  10. Home Away from Home

    Purdue offers a great campus environment - safe, clean, and accessible with ample student support services. The residence halls (where most first-year students reside) offer ways to help students adjust to campus life and move toward independence. A Purdue ID provides students with unlimited bus travel and access to movie theaters, shopping malls, restaurants, and community events. Safety is a big deal on campus, and Purdue's police department provides multiple programs to ensure student security. You can also check out some great advice for staying safe on any campus. Your student will quickly come to think of Lafayette-West Lafayette as a second home.