Office of Future Engineers

Individual Visits with the College of Engineering

All students start in the First Year Engineering program, which is why we encourage all future students to attend an Engineering Information Session.  

Professional School/Major Visits

If you have a question, interest, or would like to schedule a visit with a specific professional school/major please please contact them directly using the directory listed below.

To learn more about all of the majors offered please go to Engineering Majors at Purdue.

Please note that many of the schools/majors require that your visit be pre-arranged at least 3 days prior to your arrival on campus.

Campus maps, parking and lodging information, and driving directions.

Engineering Schools

Aeronautics & Astronautics
Lisa Crain
(ARMS) Room 3314
Phone: +1 765-494-5157

Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Yvonne Hardebeck or Dan Taylor
ABE Room 201
Phone: +1 765-494-1172

Biomedical Engineering
Cindy Ferguson
(MJIS) Room 1021
Phone: +1 765-494-2995

Chemical Engineering
Sandra Hendryx
(FRNY) Room 1057

Phone: +1 765-494-5650

Civil Engineering
Kathy Heath
(CIVL) Room 1141
Phone: +1 765-494-2157

Construction Engineering and Management
Bonnie Sondgeroth
(CIVL) Room 1121
Phone: +1 765-494-2243

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Angela Rainwater

Cindy Quillen (ECE) Room 136
Phone: +1 765-494-3390


Environmental & Ecological Engineering
Tammi Thayer, Associate Director
(POTR) Room 322
Phone: +1 765-496-7238 or

Industrial Engineering
Patrick Brunese
(GRIS) Room 230
Phone: +1 765-494-9611

Interdisciplinary & Multidisiplinary Engineering
Christine Pekny
(ARMS), Room 1347
Phone: +1 765-494-7422

Materials Engineering
Vicki Cline
(ARMS), Room 2315
Phone: +1 765-494-4103

Mechanical Engineering
Helen Kendig
(ME), Room 2008
Phone: +1 765-494-5689

Nuclear Engineering
Chrystal Randler
(NUCL), Room 127
Phone: +1 765-494-5749


Engineering Programs

Birck Nanotechnology Center
Phone: +1 765-494-7053

Engineering Honors
(HAMP) Room G293
Phone: +1 765-496-6751

Global Engineering Programs (Study Abroad)
Mary Schweitzer
(CIVL) Room 1259
Phone +1 765-494-2288

Professional Practice Programs (Co-op)
(POTR) Room 114
Phone: +1 765-494-7430

Women In Engineering Program (WIEP)
(ARMS) Room 1245
Phone: +1 765-494-3889

Minority Engineering Program (MEP)
(ARMS) Room 1264
Phone: +1 765-494-3974