Common Q's

How to Apply

Purdue's Office of Admissions is the primary resource for the Purdue Application Process and handles admission for undergraduate students into the College of Engineering. Admitted students enter the First-Year Engineering Program, through which they will complete foundational coursework (usually two semesters). Upon completion of the First-Year Engineering Program, students will transition to one of the professional schools of engineering that matches their personal area of interest. Criteria for acceptance into the professional schools is based on a student's Engineering Admission Index (EAI).

For detailed information about the Purdue University application process visit the Purdue Office of Admissions' How To Apply page.

Recommended Preparation

It is highly recommended, while in high school, that you take the maximum number of college preparatory mathematics, laboratory sciences, and English courses offered. If possible, select courses that emphasize knowledge and reasoning over courses that emphasize manual skill.

A student who has not completed the expected preparation will usually require more than four years to complete the requirements for the bachelor's degree.

Transfer Students

Admission criteria for engineering transfer students can be found on the Purdue Admissions web site.

International Students

Admission criteria for engineering international students can be found on the Purdue International Students and Scholars web site.