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We are a community who brings together our unique talents and skills to serve the greater good.

The College of Engineering at Purdue University offers 17 majors in a collaborative, hands-on setting for students who dream big and want to have an impact on the world. There are more than 80 different pathways through Purdue Engineering when you factor in the various minors, certificate programs, and specialization areas available to our students, allowing our students to truly personalize their academic experience around their passions and interests.

Your path in Purdue Engineering begins with the First-Year Engineering (FYE) Program, in which you will learn collaboration, communication, math, science, design, and problem-solving skills - the fundamentals of being a great engineer. You will also explore each of our majors to find the best fit to pursue your passion and curiosity. FYE will help in preparing you for a dynamic and successful career pathway - one that allows you to use your unique talents to benefit society.

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Make friends and broaden your educational experience through one of Purdue's many learning communities. A learning community is a group of 20-30 students who take two or three of the same classes together, live in the same residence hall, or both. Purdue learning communities that are open to engineering students include Global Engineering Cultures and Practice, the Women in Engineering Residential Program, among several others.



In the award-winning design course founded at Purdue, students deliver innovative products to real customers. Students design engineering-based solutions for some of the most pressing needs of the local community while working with human service, governmental, and educational institutions. You can join EPICS as early as your first semester at Purdue, and there is also an optional EPICS Learning Community available for incoming freshmen.



Through cooperative education (Co-op), you can alternate your classroom learning with full-time work sessions in private industry, helping you to confirm your career choice, investigate permanent employment opportunities, and finance your education.



Engineering is a global occupation, and you're likely to work with colleagues from all over the world. Purdue is investing heavily in making incredible global experiences affordable and integrating them into academic course sequences. Through the Global Engineering Program, you can develop your cross-cultural competencies and leadership skills through study abroad, work abroad, service abroad, and even research abroad.



Through the Engineering Honors Program, part of Purdue's Honors College, highly motivated and academically talented students can broaden their academic horizons in select courses designed specifically for students in the Honors Program. Students have access to dedicated Honors Program advising and staff members, take field trips to companies, and interact with industry representatives to solve real-world engineering problems.



From mentoring to professional development, the Women in Engineering Program (WIEP) encourages current and future women engineering students by providing interesting and engaging programming relevant to their lives. WIEP programs are a place of encouragement, networking, and connections with other engineering students and Purdue engineering alumnae. Make your mark at Purdue and be part of the nation's first Women in Engineering Program.



The Minority Engineering Program (MEP) is nationally recognized for its efforts in outreach, recruitment, and retention of historically underrepresented (URM) students in their pursuit of becoming extraordinary Purdue engineers. URMs in Engineering include African Americans, Latino/Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, and Hawaiians/Pacific Islanders. MEP programs including the Academic Success Center and peer mentoring. Summer programs are available to all students, as we believe that the more diverse the team the better the solution.

Engineering Majors

College of Engineering Overall $72,382

All data were self-reported starting salaries for 2021 graduates. This table includes only majors in which seven or more graduates reported salaries.

First-Year Engineering
(29-33 Credit Hours)

The first-year curriculum develops a foundation in math, science, communication and engineering so students have the skills for success no matter what engineering major they pick. Courses will vary based on high school preparation and preferences. There also are options for elective/selective classes. Each student will have an academic advisor who will guide them individually through the first-year requirements.

The College of Engineering does not have any additional application requirements beyond the University-wide high school course expectations, nor do we have any minimum test score or GPA requirements. See the Office of Admissions' Freshman Admission Criteria page for more details.

Required Courses

  • General Chemistry
  • Calculus
  • Physics Mechanics
  • Written Communication
  • Engineering Design and Exploration
  • Oral Communication
  • Science Elective

Popular Optional Courses

  • ROTC (2-5 Credit Hours)
  • Engineering Seminar (1 Credit Hour)
  • Additional Math/Science/Engineering/EPICS (3-4 Credit Hours)
  • Band (2 Credit Hours)
  • Computer Graphics for Manufacturing or Civil Engineering (2 Credit Hours Each)
  • Additional Humanities Elective (3-4 Credit Hours)

Learn how your Advanced Placement (AP) and other credit transfers to Purdue, by visiting:

Admissions Fast Facts

(avg 1444)
(avg 32)
(avg 3.80)

Notes: The SAT, ACT, and GPA scores represent the middle 50 percent range. The information pertains to the First-Year Engineering Program class admitted in Fall 2021.
The reporting of this information should not be interpreted to mean that these are the most important criteria in the selection process, as there are many factors involved.

Points of Pride

97% placement within six months of graduation

(Purdue Center for Career Opportunities)

More than 100,000 living College of engineering alumni

Founding place for the National Society of Black Engineers

#2 in undergraduate degrees to women

(ASEE By the Numbers)

#8 most innovative university in America

(U.S. News & World Report)

3 Safest College Town

10 years of frozen tuition 

Close to 100 engineering student organizations

and over 1,000 student organizations campus-wide

Top 10 Undergraduate engineering program

(U.S. News & World Report) 

8th best college town

(Wall Street Journal survey of corporate recruiters)

One of the largest student-run job fairs in the U.S.

with 400+ companies and 12,000+ students

"Cradle of Astronauts" - 25 astronauts graduated from Purdue

including the first and most recent Moon landers

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Office of Future Engineers

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The Office of Future Engineers is here to help you learn about our programs and navigate the entire college search process - from your freshman year of high school through application and admission. Our team of students and staff is here to help you determine if Purdue Engineering is the right fit for you by hosting a variety of opportunities to learn about our campus and programs and answering any questions you have. Feel free to reach out to us any time, and follow us on social media!