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       Prof. Xus research group focuses on combined experimental and theoretical studies on laser-materials interactions, in particular, at the ultrafast time scale and nanometer spatial scale. The research include two distinct, yet related directions (1) nanoscale and ultrafast energy transfer (this page), and (2) laser-based micro- and nano-manufacturing and materials processing (follow this link).
         Research on Nanoscale and Ultrafast Energy Transfer utilizes state-of-the-art laser systems and numerical tools to investigate heat/energy transfer at micro and nanometer scales and ultrafast (femtosecond to picosecond) time scales. Current research projects are: 
  • Ultrafast energy carrier (photons, electrons, phonons, etc.) dynamics in nanoscale materials, particularly nano-engineered thermoelectric and photovoltaic materials for energy conversion applications. These studies employ an ultrafast laser pump-and-probe experimental facility to investigate energy transfer from photons to electrons to lattice heating. Coherent phonon excitation and detection are used to understand ultrafast interactions among energy carriers, scattering at interfaces and boundaries, and the relation between phonon dynamics and global energy transfer properties and energy conversion efficiencies.  

  • Thermal properties measurements. We employ photoacoustic method and femtosecond thermal reflectance method to measure thermal transport properties in thin films, bulk materials and thermal resistance at interfaces. We have provided measurement services to industries, academic institutions, and government laboratories.  

  • Fundamentals of heat/energy transfer in ultrafast-laser materials interaction, We employ experimental and numerical tools to investigate fundamentals in ultrafast-laser materials interactions, including ultrafast pump-probe diagnostics and molecular dynamics simulations.


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