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Nanoscale energy transport:


-Energy transport in thermoelectric materials for waste heat recovery from automobile exhaust gas(funded by NSF/DOE, in collaboration with General Motors)

This project develops thermoelectric generator to convert energy from waste heat in the automobile exhaust gas to electricity.


-Energy transport in nanoscale thermoelectric materials for power generation(in collaboration with RTI International)

This project develops thermoelectric materials and investigates the heat transfer processes in the TE materials for converting energy from high temperature sources to electricity.


-Coherent control of thermal transport

This project utilizes ultrafast temporal pulse shaping technique to control the thermal transport in materials.


-Thermal transport in nanoscale thermal interface materials(funded by DARPA-MTO-NTI)

This project develops advanced laser-based characterization techniques to investigate thermal transport at interfaces of namomaterials.


-Energy transfer in nanoscale photovoltaic materials(funded by NSF)

This project investigates the ultrafast energy conversion process in nanoscale photovoltaic materials, such as quantum dots.


Nano-optics and laser-based nano-optical engineering:


-Parallel nanolithography using nanoscale optical antenna(funded by NSF)

This project develops parallel nanolithography techniques using high efficiency, nanoscale optical antenna.


-Parallel nanomaterials synthesis using nanoscale optical antenna and device development(funded by DARPA-MTO-TBN)

This project develops controlled nanomaterial synthesis techniques using high efficiency, nanoscale optical antenna


-Near-field scanning optical microscopy(funded by MURI)

This project develops a home-built near-field scanning optical microscope for applications in nano-optis, photonics, bioengineering.


-Near-field radiation and nanoscale surface structures for photovoltaic energy conversion

This project investigates near-field thermal radiation, in particular, with the presence of surface nanostructures and using surface nanostructures for enhancing photovoltaic energy conversion


-High density data storage using nanoscale optical antenna(funded by INSIC Information Storage Industry Consortium)

This project investigates using near-field optical antenna for ultrahigh density heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR)




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