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Undergraduate Research Opportunities:

Undergraduate students are participating in our research work through taking ME497, Independent Research, Discovery Park Research Internship (DURIP), or Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF). Previously accomplished ME497 projects include heat transfer, laser micro-/nano-machining, laser nanomaterials growth, and development of control algorithms for manufacturing. Email Prof. Xu for more details.


Please note summer internships are not available for international students not in the US at the time of application.


Information for M.S., Ph.D., and postdoc applicants:


We look for highly motivated students with background in one or more of the following areas:

-        Mechanical Engineering, including Heat Transfer, Thermal Science, Precision Instruments, and Manufacturing

-        Electrical Engineering in Near-field Optics and Ultrafast Optics

-        Physics, particularly in Solid State Physics and Optics

-        Laser manufacturing and laser diagnostics

-        Microfabrication, i.e., lithography


Previous successful applicants had solid background and excellent academic record in his/her field of study, in addition to meeting the minimum requirement of the ME graduate school.



Note for International Applicants: Exceptions could be made if your GRE scores do not meet the minimum requirements of the ME graduate school. However, one must demonstrate exceptional accomplishments in other areas. For more information, please contact Prof. Xu


Current Open Positions:


1. Waste heat recovery from automobile exhaust gases. This project, in collaboration with General Motors, is to design waste heat recovery systems to convert energy from high temperature exhaust gas to electricity. Background in heat transfer/fluid mechanics and computational heat transfer/fluid mechanics (CFD) is desirable.


2. Ultrafast energy transfer in nanomaterials. This project is to investigate electron and phonon transport processes in nanoscale materials, such as supperlattices and quantum dots typically used for solar and thermoelectric energy conversion applications (e.g., harvesting waste heat from automobile exhaust gas). Background and prior experience in one of the following areas are desirable: heat transfer, solid state physics, or ultrafast laser/optics.


3. Laser-based nanomanufacturing and nanomaterials growth.   This project is to develop optical antenna based parallel nano- manufacturing system and materials growth system. We have developed nanoscale optical antenna for concentrating light into a nanoscale domain, which in this project are used as light sources for nano-lithography and as a concentrated energy source for materials growth. There are possibly multiple positions in the following areas: optics and/or optical measurement techniques (NSOM), microfabrication, and nano-manufacturing. Background in mechanical engineering, physics, or electrical engineering is desirable.





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