Prof. Xus laboratories house state-of-the-art facilities including ultrafast laser systems and characterization equipment. The majority of Prof. Xus research facilities are located in the Birck Nanotechnology Center, with some in the building of the School of Mechanical Engineering.


-       Three ultrafast laser systems used for energy transfer diagnostics, manufacturing, and materials synthesis

Pulse width as short as sub-10 fs, with Carrier Phase Envelop Stabilization

Two optical parametric amplifiers, wavelength tunable from UV to IR

Pump-and-probe lines for femtosecond time-resolved measurements

Spectrometer/CCD for time-resolved spectroscopy measurements

High precision femtosecond laser machining workstation

Temporal pulse shapers for pulse shaping and coherent control studies

Other equipment, such as single shot auto-correlator, lock-in amplifiers, shakers, etc.

-       Veeco atomic force microscope (AFM), can be used for near-field scanning optical microscope (NSOM)

-       Home-built AFM and NSOM with wavelength extended to near-IR (~ 1.8 mm)

-       Nanolithography system using optical antenna array

-       Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) system for growing silicon nanowires and carbon-based nanomaterials

-       Nanosecond laser thermal reflectance measurement apparatus for measuring thermal conductivity and contact resistance

-       Photoacoustic measurement apparatus for measuring thermal conductivity and contact resistance

-       Computational facilities including small clusters in the group and access to Purdue central computational facility


Group members have access to the clean-room micro/nano fabrication and characterization facilities in the Purdue Birck Nanotechnology Center, including focused ion beam (FIB), electron beam lithography, SEM, and TEM.




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