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2017 Faculty & Staff Awards

Professor Takashi Hibiki received the 2017 Outstanding Engineering Graduate Student Mentor Award

Dr. Seungjin Kim was named the Capt. James McCarthy, Jr., and Cheryl E. McCarthy Head of the School of Nuclear Engineering

Research Assistant Professor Miltiadis Alamaniotis, Account Assistant Jill Clauson and Reactor Supervisor/Assistant Lab Director Clive Townsend recipients of the 2017 BRAVO Award

Associate Professor Gennady Miloshecsky was selected Marshall Faculty Fellow

Associate Professor Gennady Miloshevsky received the 2017 NE Best Teacher Award

Professor Shripad Revankar was elected Fellow of American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Professor Takashi Hibiki received the 2017 Academic Achievement Awards of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan (AESJ)


2016 Faculty & Staff Awards

Tiffany Stergar, Academic Program Administrator was selected as a finalist for the 2016 New Employee Award

Professor Shripad Revankar granted patent, "Ceramic-ceramic composites and process therefor, nuclear fuels formed thereby, and nuclear reactor systems and processes operated therewith," US Patent 9466398B2 (issued 11 October 2016)

Assistant Professor Allen Garner granted patent "Methods and Compositions for Destructive Interference," US Patent 9,356,357 (issued 31 May 2016)

Two NE faculty received the following Nuclear Engineering University Program (NEUP) grants;

Nuclear Energy University Program (NEUP) 2016 Awards U.S. Department of Energy

NEUP 2016 R& D Awards Abstracts

Nuclear Energy Advanced Modeling and Simulation (NEAMS)

NEUP Project 16-10241: Development of Transient Capabilities for the NEAMS Neutronics Code PROTEUS

PI: Won Sik Yang - Purdue University

FY 2016 Integrated Research Projects Award

NEUP Project 16-10918: Development and Application of a Data Driven Methodology for Validation of Risk-Informed Safety Margin Characterization Models

Co-PI: Hany Abdel-Khalik - Purdue University

PI: Nam Dinh - North Carolina State University

Co-PI: Abhinav Gupta - North Carolina State University

Co-PI: Xiaodong Sun - Ohio State University

Dr. Chan Choi is the recipient of the 2016 Outstanding Engineering Graduate Student Mentor Award.

Dr. Allen Garner is the recipient of the 2016 NPSS Early Achievement Award “For contributions to theoretical and experimental studies of the biological effects of electric pulses and plasmas and to nuclear training, education, and maintenance”. 


2015 Faculty & Staff Awards

Dr. Miltiadis Alamaniotis, Dr. Robert Bean and Dr. Valeryi Sizyuk are the recipients of the 2015 Paul C. Zmola Scholar of Nuclear Engineering Award 

Dr. Hany Abdel-Khalik was a Co-Author for the best paper/presentation in Reactor Physics Division (RPD) for the ANS 2015 Annual Meeting

Dr. Allen Garner was granted a patent for “Platelet Activation Using Long Electric Field Pulses” Patent No. 9,078,862 B2, July 14, 2015, V.B. Neculaes, A. Caiafa, B. D-L Lee, N. E. LaPlante, A. S. Torres, and A.L Garner

Dr. Takashi Hibiki received the 2015 JSME Best Paper Award

Dr. Won Sik Yang served as the General Chair for the Fourth International Technical Review Meeting for Prototype Gen-IV Sodium-cooled Fast Reactor Development in Korea, which was held July 8-10, 2015, KAERI, Daejeon, Korea.

Dr. Won Sik Yang was invited to be Technical Co-Chair of the M&C 2017 International Conference on Mathematics and Computational Methods Applied to Nuclear Science and Engineering of American Nuclear Society, which will be held in April 16-20, 1027, Jeju, Korea.

Dr. Prasoon Diwakar was announced as the winner in the 2015 CappSci Inventors Program

Dr. Prasoon Diwakar was granted patent March 3, 2015 for “Method and apparatus for aerosol analysis using optical spectroscopy” Patent No. US 8970840 B2, Pramod Kulkarni, Prasoon Diwakar

Toni Horsley, Faculty Assistant/Planner was accepted in 2015 into the two year ACE Program at Purdue University

David Storz received a Purdue BRAVO Award in 2015




2017 Student Awards

Amanda Loveless received a Directed Energy Professional Society (DEPS) graduate scholarship

Keyou Mao received the 2017 CoE Outstanding Service Scholarship

TJ Novakowski received the 2017 CoE Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award

Andrew Fairbanks received the 2017 Teaching Academy Graduate Teaching Award

Phillip Dressman and Josh Rudolph awarded competitive internship

Jonah H. McCrorey received the 2017 Post-Secondary Russian Scholar Laureate

Cailyn Ludwig received the Roberta Banaszak Gleiter/GIFTE Scholarship from the Women in Engineering Department

Anna Earley and Andrew Adelsperger  received the 2016-2017 Outstanding Graduating Senior Award

Addison Lange, Alex Bullens, Anna Earley, Clare Wilsbacher, Corey Ohneck, Drew Ryan and Matthew Vinyard, were recipients of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Scholarship

Rokas Venckus, undergraduate student was selected for Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate (NUPOC) program

Amanda Loveless was award 2017 NPSS Graduate Scholarship

Addison Lange, was awarded the 2016-2017 American Nuclear Society (ANS) Undergraduate Scholarship

Ian Hamilton, graduate student, was selected to join Argonne National Laboratory CRI program


2016 Student Awards

Taleyarkhan team places first at IEEE conference (Dr. Rusi Taleyarkhan, Alex Hagen and Anthony Sanson (graduate students), and Brian Archambault, NE Alumnus

Amanda Loveless was awarded the 2016 IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society (DEIS) Graduate Fellowship for her proposal, Derivation of Scaling Laws for AC Breakdown Voltage in Microdischarges.

Corey Ohneck is the recipient of the 2016-2017 George W. and Mabel E. Anderson Nuclear Engineering Scholarship

Cailyn Ludwig is the recipient of the 2016-2017 Blattner Scholarship

Amanda Loveless is the recipient of the 2016-2017 Otto F. and Jenny H. Krauss Scholarship

Matthew Vinyard and Mitchell Hemesath are the recipients of the 2016-2017 Thomas A. Plein Scholarship

Amanda Loveless received First Place for the Best Student Paper for her presentation entitled "Generalization of Scaling Laws for Gas Breakdown to Account for Pressure" at the 2016 ICOPS Awards. Amanda also gave an invited oral presentation entitled "Matched Asymptotic Analysis of Atmospheric Pressure Gas Breakdown from Nanoscale to Microscale"

Amanda Loveless received First Place in the Best Student paper award competition for her talk, entitled "Predicting breakdown voltage for microscale and annoscale gaps as a function of pressure at the 2016 Electrostatics Joint Conference 

Anand Vadlamani received second place in the Best Student Paper award competition for his poster entitled "Biological cell dielectric property variation with temperature at the 2016 Electrostatics Joint Conference

Victoria Noe-Kim and Trevor Kyle recipients of the 2015-2016 Outstanding Senior Award

Stylianos Chatzidakis was selected as one of the best student papers at the 2016 ICAPP  conference

Anastassiya Suslova received the 2016 Magoon Award for Excellence in Teaching

Alex Hagen received the 2016 CoE Outstanding Service Scholarship

Jeff Webster received the 2016 CoE Outstanding Student Research Award


2015 Student Awards

Liam Ochoa, Seth Voegele and Kevin Stahl are the 2015 recipients of the Clikeman Scholarship

Keyou Mao and Michael Bilyeu are the 2015 recipients of the Otto F. Kraus and Jenny E. Kraus Scholarship

Andrew Adelsperger, Patrick Skrodzki and Payson Dieffenbach are the 2015 recipients of the Thomas A. Plein Scholarship

Corey Ohneck and Abhijit Jassem are the 2015 recipients of the George W. and Mabel E. Anderson Nuclear Engineering Scholarship

Student Russell Brayfield received of the 2014-2015 Teaching Academy Graduate Teaching Award

Purdue NE Team took 1st Place at 2014 ANS Student Design Competition

Student Eric Acosta was selected “Best research abstract” at 2015 Purdue Undergraduate Symposium.

Jason Becker and Patrick Skrodzki were chosen as 2015 Society for Applied Spectroscopy Undergraduate Student Award winners

Russell Brayfield received 2nd place in the Student Poster Competition during the 2015 BioEM Conference

Student Stylianos Chatzidakis was the recipient of the 2015 Outstanding Researchers Award

Student Stylianos Chatzidakis and Dr. Miltos Alamaniotis won Best Paper Award at the 5th International Conference on Information, Intelligence Systems and Applications 2014.

Student Phil Forsberg was the recipient of the 2015 Outstanding Service Scholarship.

Alex Hagen helped with Textbooks for Liberia

Graduate student Bryan Sims was the recipient of the 2015 Magoon Excellence in Teaching Award.

Patrick Skrodzki and Jason Becker, both NE undergraduate students traveled to Beijing, China to present their PIRE research at the 8th International Conference on LIBS in September 2014 and were awarded the LIBS prize for Best Poster.