October 26, 2016

NE professor Shripad Revankar receives U.S. patent

Purdue School of Nuclear Engineering professor Shripad Revankar is part of a team of inventors that was recently granted a U.S. patent for their invention. Granted on October 11, 2016, this invention provides a process of producing ceramic-ceramic composites, including but not limited to nuclear fuels, and composites capable of exhibiting increased thermal conductivities.
October 20, 2016

Purdue student chapter of ANS to celebrate Nuke Week 2016, October 24 – 27

Members of the Purdue student chapter of the American Nuclear Society (ANS) are preparing several events as part of Nuke Week 2016. Nuke Week is an annual event that allows students interested in nuclear engineering to learn more about nuclear energy, career options, and the School of Nuclear Engineering program at Purdue.
July 6, 2016


Purdue ANS will be hosting the Sixth Annual Nuclear Engineering Opportunity Night (NEON) on September 13 from 7pm to 9pm.
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