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August 7, 2017

Professor Abdel-Khalik Leads Effort to Increase Cybersecurity for Nuclear Power Plants

Cybersecurity for nuclear power plants is the focus of a new collaboration between government and academia, led by Purdue University’s Hany Abdel-Khalik.

The National Academy of Engineering has identified cybersecurity as one of the most complex issues engineering has ever faced. As engineering systems become more sophisticated, it gets harder to think about all the ways they can be compromised.
May 12, 2017

Purdue's Nuclear Engineering Connections to the U.S. Navy Run Deep

Since 1955, when the U.S Navy launched its first nuclear-powered submarine, nuclear engineers have been an integral part of homeland defense. Purdue Nuclear Engineering faculty and students are part of this partnership with the U.S. Navy, both as active duty officers and as researchers helping to design next-generation systems.
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