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February 10, 2011

National Honor Society for Nuclear Science and Engineering, Alpha Nu Sigma Banquet

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Members of the Alpha Nu Sigma Society
From left to right: William Fullmer, Shuichiro Miwa, Joshua Schlegel, Caleb Brooks,Shao-Wen Chen, Brian Wolf, Xiaohong Yang, Jeremiah Gill, Elizabeth Becket, and Audeen Fentiman, Professor of Nuclear Engineering
New Members of the Alpha Nu Sigma Society
Above are new Members of the Alpha Nu Sigma Honor Society. From left to right: Shao-Wen Chen, Jeremiah Gill, Xiaohong Yang, Aaron Fancher, Stephen Nelsen, Caleb Roecker, and Stephen Taller

On the first day of December 2011, a banquet was held to recognize those students who achieved high scholarship, integrity, and potential achievement in applied nuclear science and nuclear engineering among outstanding students.

The officers of Alpha Nu Sigma Honor Society are, Shuichiro Miwa, President; Elizabeth Beckett, Vice President and Nicholas Brown, Treasurer. Professor Audeen Fentiman of the School of Nuclear Engineering attended the banquet.


  Students at dinner during the banquet

         Alpha Nu Sigma Honor Society Students and Professor Fentiman