Welcome to Nuclear Engineering

Interim School Head Klod Kokini

Welcome to the School of Nuclear Engineering, a community dedicated to learning and discovery. Through our teaching, research and service, the School of Nuclear Engineering is making an impact at all levels — from here in Indiana and across the globe.

For more than 50 years, Purdue has been a leader in nuclear engineering education and research, broadening our capabilities to address global grand challenges and the world’s insatiable demand for power that is threatening fossil-fuel sources and increasing concerns about climate change.

There is keen interest in our work from both government and private industry as the pace of innovative activity has escalated for energy and non-energy applications of nuclear engineering.

We strongly promote undergraduate research and offer our undergraduate students — many of whom have won international awards — opportunities for international experiences.

With more than $4 million in external research funding and growing, we are leading discoveries in areas, and through facilities, ranging from applied intelligent systems and plasma material interactions to radiation shielding for space applications, fission reactor physics and thermal hydraulics and biomedical applications of plasmas, theoretical biophysics.

Consistently ranking at or near the top 10 in the nation, our School is meeting society’s growing demands for nuclear innovations by producing a significant number of the nation’s nuclear engineers. Our dedicated faculty challenge and empower students with educational and research experiences that will enable them to become leaders in our growing field and amplify their impact on our world.

We invite you to explore the School of Nuclear Engineering for yourself and discover how we’re partnering with the College of Engineering to chart a bold path forward and position Purdue at the forefront of advances in nuclear engineering.

Klod Kokini
Interim Head of Nuclear Engineering, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs