Tim Hanley, Purdue NE Alumn and Exelon Site Vice President for the Quad Cities Station, Tours the School of Nuclear Engineering

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On Thursday, August 11, Tim Hanely, Purdue Nuclear Engineering graduate and Tim Hanley of Exelon Tours the PRIHSM laboratoryQuad Cities Site Vice President for Exelon Corporation toured the School of Nuclear Engineering.

Mr. Hanely graduated from Purdue in 1987. He toured the radiation laboratories, the Center for Materials Under eXtreme Environment, (CMUXE) and the Particle and Radiation Interaction with Hard and Soft Matter experimental facility, (PRIHSM).

The Quad Cities Generating Station is a dual-unit nuclear power plant located in Cordova, Illinois.

At right, Brandon Holybee, undergraduate in the School of Nuclear Engineering and tour guide for the PRIHSM, explains the multi-probing diagnostic surface characterization system in Professor Jean Paul Allain's PRIHSM lab. The PRIHSM focuses on low-dimensional state matter and its response to radiation modifiers.