General Electives for Nuclear Engineering

The NE program requires students to choose three classes from BOTH the social science and humanities categories. Please refer to the College of Engineering's list for approved GE options.(*.

If you wish to take a class that is not on this list, please contact Chrystal Randler (

The requirement stipulates that a student must take 3 humanities classes and 3 social science classes. Within each category, the student is to take an upper (300+) and lower (100-200) level courses within the same discipline. For the 3rd course, the student should take something outside of the original discipline but under the same category (humanities/social science).

For example a proper combination of general electives would be:

  • HIST 151
  • HIST 355
  • ENGL 205
  • POL 120
  • POL 327
  • PSY 120

*Note: only courses from the Human Cultures: BSS, Humanities, Information Literacy, Oral Communication, Science, Technology, and Society, and Written Communication can be used to satisfy general elective requirements.