Tutor List

Tutor Phone Number/Email Office Course(s)
Jake Hader (815) 600-6702 / jhader@purdue.edu NUCL 116 NUCL 200/300/351
Joe Carabetta (630) 659-6547 / jcarabet@purdue.edu ---

PHYS 241/341, NUCL 200/300/205
STAT 301, CHM 115/116, ME 200/270/274, CS 159

Jacob Avellana javella@purdue.edu --- ME 200/300, NUCL 273
Andrew Kebert (765) 412-0330 / akebert@purdue.edu --- NUCL 200, ME 200, CS159

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Please Note: The School of Nuclear Engineering does not hire tutors.  If you are interested in a tutor, please contact one of the individuals listed.  All arrangements, including pay, will be made between you and the tutor.  While the School of Nuclear Engineering does not guarantee the service you will receive, please email Chrystal Randler if there are any significant problems with your tutor.