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How to Apply To The School of Nuclear Engineering


The Purdue University School of Nuclear Engineering has students from many countries, ethnic groups, and religions. Any student meeting the academic criteria listed on this web site is welcome to apply.

Admission Requirements

Master's Degree Admission

Ph.D. Admission

  • Minimum 3.5/4.0 GPA
  • M.S. in Nuclear Engineering, related Engineering, or Physics
  • Admission requires approval of Graduate Committee


  • Required for International Students
  • Minimum TOEFL scores of Writing 18, Speaking 18, Listening 14, Reading 19, Total 77.
  • Must have been taken within the past two years
  • Purdue's Institution Code: 1631; Department Code: 69


  • ONLY required for students seeking financial support
  • Minimum GRE scores of 450 verbal, 750 quantitative and 4.5 analytical are expected
  • Must have been taken within the past five years
  • Purdue's Institution Code: 1631; Department Code: 1609

Required Documentation

See Acceptable Documents in English
  • Transcripts (2 Original Copies)*
  • Degree Certificates (2 Original Copies)*
  • Recommendation Letters (3 Required)Either submitted as paper form or on-line

  • Official GRE/TOEFL Scores from ETS
  • Statement of Purpose: For more detailed information, please see Writing Your Statement of Purpose

    * Note: International students are required to submit transcripts in both original language and English.

Submit On-line Application

Purdue Graduate School On-line Application

Financial Support

Financial support is available for all qualified and admitted graduate students in the form of graduate research assistantships and fellowships. A tuition waiver accompanies these assistantships and fellowships. In addition, assistance is provided in applying for fellowships sponsored by external agencies.

Deferment of Admission

Once you have been admitted into the School of Nuclear Engineering, it is possible to defer your admission for up to one year. To do this you need to send a letter or email to the contact at the bottom of this page, explaining why you need to defer your admission. The Graduate Chair will review your request and your file. Subject to the Graduate Chair's approval, your request to defer your admission will then be forwarded to the Graduate School for official approval. Once this is granted, you will receive a letter from the Graduate School. Please note that an approved deferral is guaranteed for up to one year ONLY. If you have been offered funding, your funding may not be guaranteed with your deferral.

Reapplication Procedures

Students who have been denied admission or whose application was incomplete may reapply according to the following procedures. The Graduate Office can reuse transcripts from previous applications less than one year old. You must update your file by submitting a new Purdue Graduate School application, application fee, statement of purpose, and two copies of official transcripts from all universities attended since your last application submission. We also require three new recommendation letters. Please note that you may not reuse previous recommendation letters. Be sure to indicate on the top of every form that you are reapplying, the previous semester applied, and the semester for which you are currently applying.
**Please note that previous admission does not guarantee future entrance into the School of Nuclear Engineering. Also, previously denied applicants have only a very slight chance of a positive decision upon reapplication.

Graduate Program Information

For detailed information on the MS & PhD Programs within the School of Nuclear Engineering, please go to Graduate Programs.

Send all Application Materials To:

School of Nuclear Engineering
Purdue University
Graduate Studies Office
400 Central Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Phone: 765-494-5749
Fax: 765-494-9570

E-mail questions to:

Fall Deadline:
January 15th
(Priority consideration of admission and financial support)
May 1
(Final Date to Apply for Fall, Minimal Financial Aid Available)
Spring Deadline:
September 30
(Highly Selective, Minimal Financial Aid Available)
Deadlines are Firm. Due to the high number of applications received and careful review required by each, applicants may not receive a decision until 8-12 weeks after the stated deadline.