NUCL 51100

Nuclear Reactor Theory and Kinetics

Instructor: Professor Yang

  • Advanced methodologies for neutron flux calculation, nodal methods, introduction to transport theory, transport correction, multi group theory, and introduction to the generation of group constants
  • Reactor kinetics, perturbation theory, adjoint fluxes, reactivity calculation from perturbation theory, reactivity coefficients due to Doppler effect, temperature and density changes, void coefficient, and energy and power coefficients. Microkinetics, theory of reactivity measurements, approximate methods: prompt jump approximation, and prompt kinetics.
  • Transients with feedback, safety implications, and spatial kinetics.

    Restrictions: May not be enrolled as the following Classifications: Sophomore: 45 - 59 hours Sophomore: 30 - 44 hours Freshman: 0 - 14 hours Freshman: 15 - 29 hours

    Prerequisites: GR-NUCL 51000 Course

    General Requirements: Student Attribute: GR May not be taken concurrently. or Course or Test: NUCL 51100 Minimum Grade of D- May not be taken concurrently.