NUCL 12000

Freshman Research Project

Instructor: Professor Hassanein

In this course, the student performs a small independent project in nuclear engineering under direct faculty supervision.

How to register for NUCL 120 (1 cr hour):

  1. Get a Form 23 from and advising office or the Registrar
  2. Visit the NE website
  3. Review the professors and their research interests
  4. Select up to three professors you wish to work with. Please rank them in the advisor comments section of your Form 23
  5. Fill out the rest of the form with your personal information and course number, CRN, etc
  6. Bring the form to Kellie Reece in NUCL 140B or Tiffany Stergar, NUCL 127
  7. The instructor of the course must approve your registration prior to being register for the course. This may take time and delay processing
  8. Once approved, Tiffany Stergar will register you for the course and send a confirmation email

  9. Any and all questions can be directed to Tiffany Stergar,, NUCL 127 765-494-5749