NUCL 49700-027

Introduction to Nuclear Power Plant Safety

Instructor: Professor Revankar

There are more than 440 nuclear power plants (NPPs) in the world. In the US there are 104 operating NPPs that provide 20% of the electricity generated and make about 80% of the electrical energy produced that is carbon dioxide-free emission. Though this energy technology is highly advanced, safety has been and remains a major concern. The recent events in Japan at the Fukushima Daiichi NPPs has generated a lot of anxiety and countries with NPPs are evaluating their safety programs. This new course will provide basics of current and advanced NPP systems, safety philosophy, regulatory requirements, and safety systems. The course will cover design basis accidents, transients win NPPs, and major NPPs accidents including Three Mile Island, (US), Chernobyl (FSU), and Fukushima (Japan) accidents.