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Accelerating Bioelectronic Materials Discovery and Implementation

Dedicated to design and synthesis of new bioelectronic materials


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Tissue and organ monitoring with conformal sensors published in ACS Nano


Savoie recieves Ralph E. Powe award

smart sensor glove

Lee develops human-like sensing glove

MRS Award

Malandraki and Lee highlighted by Discovery Park

MRS Award

Gumyusenge wins MRS Graduate Student Gold Award.

science cover

Mei and Savoie publish on autoclavable electronic polymers in Science

cen logo

PTEO radical polymer named a "Molecule of the Year" C&EN

NPR Logo

Lee publishes sticktronic work in Science Advances

NPR Logo

NPR highlights Mi-Bio and PTEO work by Boudouris and Savoie

circuits peelable

Lee develops sticktronics breakthrough for wearable sensors and health monitoring

RSC Cover

Dou featured on the cover of Chemical Society Reviews

Science Logo

Boudouris and Savoie publish on radical polymer breakthrough in Science

thermochromic perovskite

Dou publishes thermochromic perovskite work in Nature Materials


Graduate student Nicholas Iovanac wins NSF-GRFP

RSC Logo

Dou publishes 2D-Perovskite review in Chemical Society Reviews


Boudouris and Mei publish on crosslinked radical polymer in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

Purdue Logo

Savoie and Lee win Purdue Engineering Faculty Research Award.