Undergraduate Course

ME363 - Principles and Practice of Manufacturing Processes

Instructor: Professor Y. C. Shin and B. Wu

Offering: spring and fall semester

Goals: This course is designed to provide undergraduate engineering students with a basic understanding of current manufacturing processes and hands-on laboratory experiences.   The courses covers metrology, mechanics of materials, various traditional and nontraditional manufacturing processes, micro fabrication, and computer numerical control (CNC).  Extensive lab experiences provided.

Graduate Courses

ME576 - Computer Control of Manufacturing Processes

Instructor: Professor Y. C. Shin

Offering: spring semester

Goals: Automation and control of manufacturing processes have been vigorously pursued in modern manufacturing to scope with the demand of increased productivity and quality. This trend toward computerization and integration leads to a demand for appropriately trained engineers. The purpose of this course is to introduce essential knowledge in the control of manufacturing systems and processes.

ME697Y - Intelligent Systems

Instructor: Professor Y. C. Shin

Offering: spring semester

Goals: This course is to provide a thorough introduction to the field of soft computing techniques to modeling, optimization, and control.  It highlights current research and applications, addresses issues encountered in the development of applied systems, and describes a wide range of intelligent systems techniques, including neural networks, fuzzy logic, evolutionary strategy, and genetic algorithms. The course also demonstrates concepts through simulation examples and practical experimental results. Case studies are also presented from each field to facilitate understanding.

Textbook:  Intelligent Systems - Modeling, Optimization and Control, by Yung C. Shin and Chengying Xu, CRC Press.


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