The Maha Fluid Power Research Center has outgrown our old laboratory space at the INOK building in West Lafayette, IN. We have moved across town and started working at the new building on June 10, 2008. This move has substantially increased the size of our lab area and has provided additional room for more graduate and undergraduate researchers. If you are in the area, give us a call and we'll happily arrange a tour!

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New Telephone Numbers

Due to the move, our phone numbers have changed. Please cross reference the number you currently have with the new one listed below.

  • (765) 742-1213 -> (765) 447-1609
  • (765) 742-1216 -> (765) 448-1587
  • (765) 742-1217 -> (765) 448-1860 (Fax)

Maha Research Center History

In short, the Maha Fluid Power Research Center was formed in 2004 from a $4 million endowment from fluid power pioneer Otto Maha (Life of Otto Maha presentation at IIT). Professor Ivantysynova moved from TUHH in Hamburg-Harburg, Germany to Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN, USA, to lead the new center.

To see the Maha Research Center coming to life at the INOK builing in Lafayette, IN, click to view PDF

The next major milestone for the Maha Research Center was in late 2007, when it was decided that we had outgrown our current space and needed to either expand at the current location, or move. This eventually led to the move to 1500 Kepner Dr, in Lafayette. The building was previously occupied by a company called Mailcode, but it is now split between the Maha Research Center and the PCSI (Purdue Center for Systems Integrity) group of Purdue. There is even talk of more ME faculty joining us in the future!

View from end of lab space, facing South

North facing view of lab space.

Overhead view of lab space, facing North

South facing view of lab space.

View of JIRA

View of lab space with JIRA and off-road equipment.

Overhead view of test rigs

Overhead view of the main test rigs.