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ERC for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power

The Maha Fluid Power Research Center is a member of the Engineering Research Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power

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Maha 2015 Annual Report
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2015 Annual Report Part 1

The Maha Research Center is a member of Fluid Power Net International (FPNI), a world-wide organization involved in promoting fluid power networking and awareness.

Hydraulic Powertrains and Hybrid Systems -- Spring2015


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Contratulations to Dr. Timothy Opperwall and Dr. Guido Ritelli on Successful PhD Defenses!

We are pleased to announce that Tim successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation on November 30, 2015 and Guido successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation on December 7, 2015!

Tim has been a key member of Prof. Vacca's external gear pump modeling group for the past five years. His research was focused on reducing the noise of hydraulic components and systems through both modeling and experimental approaches. Tim will be going to work at Husco International in Milwaukee, WI. His leadership and contributions to the team will be missed.

Guido has worked in Prof. Vacca's systems group since February of 2012 on payload oscillation damping of a hydraulic truck loading crane. The next exciting chapter for Guido is in joining Artemis Racing in Bermuda. We will all miss Guido's insightful comments and feedback in our Maha Seminar series.

We wish both Tim and Guido the best in the next stage of their careers!

Tim and Guido with their mentor Prof. Vacca after Guido's Defense.

December 11, 2015

Congratulations to Dr. Michael Sprengel on a Successful PhD Defense!

We are pleased to announce that Mike successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation on November 10, 2015! Mike has been an integral and productive part of Prof. Ivantysynova's hydraulic systems research group since August of 2010. In his time at Maha, Mike has developed a novel hydraulic hybrid transmission architecture and helped to implement it on the Maha Hydraulic Hybrid Range Rover. Mike has also developed improved dynamic programming routines for analyzing hydraulic transmission architectures and exploring optimal transmission component sizing parameters. His work will lead to more efficient hybrid systems and a more widespread realization of on-highway hydraulic hybrid vehicles.

The Maha team will miss Mike and his contributions to the lab and wish him the best as he moves forward with his career. Mike will be starting as an Engineer/Analyst at Czero in Fort Collins, CO, in January.

Mike with his defense committee. Mike defending his dissertation. Mike defending his dissertation. Mike participating in the lab's "examination" after the defense. Mike participating in the lab's "examination" after the defense. Dr. Sprengel with his advisor, Prof. Ivantysynova.

November 13, 2015

Prof. Monika Ivantysynova Awarded Another Patent!

Congratulations to Prof. Ivantysynova on being awarded another patent "Axial Sliding Bearing and Method of Reducing Power Losses Thereof"! This is her eleventh US Patent. Well done, Monika!

November 6, 2015

Welcome New Maha Team Members!

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to the following new members of the Maha team joining us this fall:

Graduate Students

Xiaofan Guo ‐ Xiaofan is a Master's student joining Prof. Monika Ivantysynova's hydraulic systems research group.

Visiting Researchers

Martina Scamperle, Giovanni Napolitano, and Daniel Hasko are all visiting Maha working with Prof. Monika Ivantysynova's group.

Matteo Foà and Francesco Napolitano are both visiting Maha working with Prof. Andrea Vacca's group.

November 2, 2015 ‐ Click for People.

Prof. Monika Ivantysynova Awarded the 2015 Koski Medal!

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) awarded Prof. Monika Ivantysynova the 2015 Robert E. Koski Medal last Tuesday at the ASME/BATH 2015 Symposium on Fluid Power & Motion Control in Chicago, Illinois. Prof. Ivantysynova was awarded the medal for significant contributions in the area of analysis, design and control of axial piston pumps and hydrostatic-transmission systems, which are used to transmit fluid power in automotive, industrial and aerospace applications; and for efforts to create paths to disseminate fluid power research results. Congratulations Monika!

Below is a photo from the symposium of Prof. Ivantysynova with all of the previous Koski medal recipients in attendance as well as members of Robert Koski's family. Pictured, from left to right, are Prof. Hubertus J. Murrenhoff (RWTH Aachen, Germany), Prof. Jan Ove Palmberg (Linkoeping University, Sweden), Beverly Koski (Robert Koski's wife), Prof. Wayne J. Book (Georgia Tech, USA), Prof. Monika Ivantysynova, Chris Koski (Robert Koski's daughter), and Prof. Richard T. Burton (University of Saskatchewan, Canada).

2015 Robert E. Koski Medal Award Photo

October 20, 2015

See the Maha Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicle Driving!

We would like to congratulate the research team that has done such a wonderful job on developing the world's first on-highway hydraulic hybrid SUV one more time. The team has made continued progress since our initial announcement that the converted Range Rover is running. Thanks to their efforts and the generosity of our sponsors, this vehicle will be a source of many theses and papers for the lab for years to come in addition to the publications that it has already generated. We would also like to thank Eight38 Graphics for the great new look.

Maha HHV Range Rover New Look.

October 2, 2015

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