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2022 Maha Fluid Power Conference

Program of Events

Presentation and event pictures

The conference presentation and event pictures are available to conference attendees at Online Drive

Tuesday, May 17

1:30 PM - Opening and Remarks Wilmeth Active Learning Center

Presentations: WALC 1055
Lunch/Breaks: WALC 1121 and/or 1087
1:45 PM - Keynote Lecture
Katharina Schmitz (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
Sustainable Construction - New Challenges for Mobile Machinery
2:45 PM - Session A: Experimental Technology I
Session Chair: James Van de Ven (University of Minnesota)
Andrea Vacca (Purdue University):A New Approach for Fluid Power Education: the Purdue Hydraulic Trainers
Pietro Marani (National Research Council of Italy): Innovative Fluid Ageing Monitoring Method through Nano-Structured Metal Oxide based Gas Sensors
Jose Garcia Bravo (Purdue University): Embedded Sensing on Fully 3D Printed Pneumatic Actuators for Soft Robotics Applications
3:45 PM - Break
4:00 PM - Session B: Off-Road Vehicles
Session Chair: Liselott Ericson (Linköping University, Sweden)
Heikki Handroos (Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology, Finland): Enriched Data Generation in Industrial IoT Systems for Heavy Machines by Means of Embedded Physics-based Digital Twins
Greg Shaver (Purdue University): Model-Based Powertrain Controls for Hybrid Electric Wheel Loaders
John Evans (Purdue University): Agricultural Automation: Developing Technologies to Feed a Growing World
Chen Zhang (National Renewable Energy Laboratory): NREL Duty Cycle Analysis
Celine Cabana (FD Groups, France): Agricultural Vehicles Modelization and Driving Simulator with Integrated ADAS Solutions
6:00 PM - Networking Purdue Memorial Union, North Ballroom
7:00 PM - Bosch Rexroth sponsored Networking Dinner

Wednesday, May 18

8:00 AM - Keynote Lecture
Jürgen Weber (Technische Universität Dresden, Germany)
Bauen 4.0 – Communicating Construction Machines as Prerequisite for Digital Construction Processes
Wilmeth Active Learning Center

Presentations: WALC 1055
Lunch/Breaks: WALC 1121 and/or 1087

Bus to Maha at 4:00PM
8:45 AM - Session C: Electrification I
Session Chair: Marcello Canova (Ohio State University)
Perry Li (University of Minnesota): Electrifying High-Power Hydraulic Machines
Germano Franzoni & Barun Acharya (Parker Hannifin): Examining the Potential of Electric Hybrid Systems for Implement Control in Mobile Applications
Shaoyang Qu (Purdue University): An Electrified Boom Driving System with Energy Regeneration Capability
Federico Zappaterra (Purdue University): An Integrated Design Concept for Multiple Quadrants e-Pumps
10:05 AM - Break
10:15 AM - Session D: Hydraulic systems
Session Chair: Emma Frosina (University of Sannio, Italy)
Rafael Cardoso (Bosch Rexroth): Active Ride Control Based on Over-Center Pump
Xin Tian (Purdue University): A Pressure Control Method for Efficient Agricultural Machines
Xiaofan Guo (Purdue University): A Multi-Pressure Rail Approach to Increase Efficiency of Agricultural Tractors and their Implements
Mateus Bertolin (Purdue University): Pump Dynamic Requirements for Displacement Controlled Systems
Annalisa Sciancalepore (Sun Hydraulics): An Energy-Efficient Method for Controlling Hydraulic Actuators Using Counterbalance Valves With Adjustable Pilot
Chris Williamson (Danfoss): Digital Fluid Power Systems: Challenges, Opportunities and “Critical Mass”
12:15 PM - Lunch
1:15 PM - Session E: Modeling I
Session Chair: Perry Li (University of Minnesota)
Massimo Rundo (Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy): 0D vs. 3D Models for the Simulation of Positive Displacement Machines
Medhat Khalil (Milwaukee School of Engineering): Fluid Power Modeling and Simulations for Application Engineers
Swarnava Mukherjee (Purdue University): A Fully Coupled Thermal Model for Simulation of Positive Displacement Machines
Sangbeom Woo (Purdue University): Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Vibroacoustic Field of External Gear Pumps
2:35 PM - Break
2:45 PM - Session F: Experimental Technology II
Session Chair: Heikki Handroos (Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology, Finland)
Emma Frosina & Adolfo Senatore (University of Sannio/Naples, Italy): Measurement of Cavitation Conditions in a Spool Valve through the Definition of a Cavitation Instability Index
Massimiliano Ruggeri (National Research Council of Italy): Advancements in the Development of MEMS Strain Sensors in Hydraulics: The Moliere Project
Chris Jorge (Test Industry): Thermostatic Principles in Hydraulic Hoses Impulse Tests in Aerospace Applications
Lizhi Shang (Purdue University): A General-Purpose In-situ Tribology Test Chamber for Fluid Power Applications
4:30 PM - Maha Research Lab Tour Maha Fluid Power Research Center
6:30 PM - Gala Dinner at Maha

Thursday, May 19

8:00 AM - Session G: Hydraulic Components
Session Chair: Massimo Rundo (Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy)
Liselott Ericson (Linköping University, Sweden): Considerations for Hydraulic Pumps and Motors in Modern Fluid Power Systems
Davide Mesturini (Walvoil S.p.A., Italy): Centralized Directional Control Valves: still great opportunities to increase the efficiency in the most convenient layout
Farid Breidi (Purdue University): Investigation of Mechanical Actuation for Digital Radial Piston Pumps
Mario Antonio Morselli (Stem, Italy): A Cost Effective Device for Wide Frequency Range Pressure Ripple and Noise Abatement
Roman Ivantysyn (Technische Universität Dresden, Germany): Improving Low Speed Efficiency of Piston Pumps by Using a Mass Producible Surface Structure
Wilmeth Active Learning Center

Presentations: WALC 1055
Lunch/Breaks: WALC 1121 and/or 1087
9:40 AM - Break
10:00 AM - Session H: Modeling II
Session Chair: Adolfo Senatore (Univesity of Naples, Italy)
Sujan Dhar (Simerics): Applications of 3D CFD on Fluid Power, Electric and Hybrid Machines
Zubin Mistry (Purdue University): Aeration and Cavitation Modeling in Positive Displacement Machines
Nathan Hess (Purdue University): Applications of Machine Learning for Lubricating Interface Modeling
Dinghao Pan (Purdue University): Numerical Modeling of Internal Gear Pumps
11:20 AM - Session I: Electrification II
Session Chair: Heath Hofmann (The University of Michigan)
Marcello Canova (Ohio State University): Co-Optimization of Design and Control with Application to Hybrid Li-ion Battery Packs for Heavy-Duty and Off-Road Applications
Heath Hofmann (The University of Michigan): Electromechanical Design Considerations for Electric Hydraulic Systems
James Van de Ven (University of Minnesota): Integrated High-Speed E-Pump
Shanmukh Sarode (Purdue University): Electrohydraulic Machine Downsizing Based on Flux Weakening Operation
12:30 PM - Lunch
1:30 PM - NFPA Sponsored Student Recruiting Session 1:30 PM - Zucrow Research Lab Tour

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