Thermal & Thermoelectric Properties of Nanostructures

Event Date: August 10, 2013


  • Collier Miers
  • Albraa Alsaati


  • Develop new nanostructured porous materials to achieve unique combinations of materials properties not available in bulk materials.

  • Design new metrology techniques for characterizing multiple types of properties simultaneously (including thermal, electric, and thermoelectric).

Target Applications:

  • Lightweight & thermally conductive metallic structures for heat dissipation, surfaces for enhanced boiling, etc.

  • Enhanced ZT for TE materials [Low k and high power factor (S2*σ)]

Integrated Thermoelectric Measurement Structure

Metrology Design:

  • Develop a novel characterization structure for simultaneous measurements of thermal, electric, and thermoelectric properties to improve accuracy and reliability of the measurements.

Materials Development:

  • Engineer materials with unique combinations of properties through phonon engineering and physics-based nanostructure design including

    • Lightweight, flexible, low-cost material with high ZT (thermoelectric figure of merit) resulting from low thermal conductivity and a high power factor

    • Lightweight & thermally conductive structures

Accuracy of the TE Measurement Structure

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