Battery Thermal Management


  • Amulya Nimmagadda
  • Bhagyashree Ganore


  • Aalok Gaitonde (MS 2016)


2016 - NASA \ AMA

Project Overview:

Cross-plane thermal transport generally limits heat removal from the multilayer stacks that form prismatic and spiral-wound batteries. The heat must conduct to the case through many layers of the anode-separator-cathode structure. Few measurements of thermal conductivity exist, even for common cathode and anode materials, and the in situ interface resistance is virtually unknown. We are currently measuring the cross-plane thermal conductivity and interface resistances within battery cells using a miniaturized version of the conventional reference bar method integrated with high-resolution infrared thermography to quantify thermal properties in realistic battery geometries and conditions.

Cross-Plane Thermal Measurement

Selected Related Publications:

  • Gaitonde, Nimmagadda, and Marconnet, "Measurement of Interfacial Thermal Conductance in Lithium Ion Batteries", Journal of Power Sources, vol. 343, 2017. doi:10.1016/j.jpowsour.2017.01.019 [link to full text]