Richard E. Grace

Research Interests

I am studying senior caregiving with particular emphasis on caregivers in the workforce.  I have developed the Grace Senior Inventory (GSI) so that caregivers may determine their loved ones’ most immediate needs.  These usually center around transportation, grocery shopping, housework, taking meds, and money handling.  Special topics include when to take the car keys and restrict check writing.

I also study attitudes about retirement and the accompanying transitions which occur around the time of retirement.  Seven hundred retirees helped me define the Grace Retirement Inventory (GRI).  The inventory explores six domains which determine eventual happiness in retirement:  freedom and leisure, financial independence, separation from work, family and friends, health, and helping others.

Recent Publications

  • R. E. Grace, When Every Day is Saturday, Back-to-Class DVD, Purdue President's Council, West Lafayette, 2006
  • D. Grace and C. Grace, American Modern in West Lafayette, Indiana Preservationist, Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana, pp. 3-4, September 2007
  • Richard E. Grace Interview (by Katherine Markee), Oral History Program, Archives and Special Collections, Purdue University Libraries, pp. 1-28 (video with transcription), 2008
  • R. E. Grace, When Every Day Is Saturday, The Retirement Guide for Boomers, Second, Revised Edition, 140 pp., Purdue University Press, West Lafayette, 2010
  • R. E. Grace (with Connie F. Grace), YouTube – Tour de West Lafayette Mid-Century Modern, pt., 2010
  • R. E. Grace, Freshman Engineering at Purdue University: A Memoir,, School of Engineering Education, Purdue University, 9 pp., Spring 2011
  • R. E. Grace, When to Take the Car Keys . . . and Other Things Caregivers Should Know, 40 pp., Kindle e-Book, Amazon. com, 2012