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Edwin Garcia Research

Areas of Interest

  • Microstructural Evolution
  • Multifunctional Properties and Reliability of Materials
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Nastic Structures (Electrochemical Actuators)
  • Polycrystalline Ferroelectric Random Access Memories
  • Colloidal Theory

Current Research

My current research focuses on the description of multifunctional material properties and its application to technologically relevant problems. Example applications range from advanced rechargeable lithium ion batteries to ferroelectric and electrostrictive microstructures for actuators and random access memories. For these applications careful consideration is made on its impact on the response of the overall device. Important effects such as localized electric shielding, particle-particle electrochemical interactions, stress development, and heat dissipation are captured in the current description and constitute the state-of-the-art of battery modeling and design.

For piezoelectric and electrostrictive materials, the effects of crystallographic texture and microstructure are analyzed. By using analytical expressions of orientation and misorientation distributions, as well as the anisotropy of the single-crystal phases the best grain misorientations that favor an optimum piezoelectric response are predicted. Current areas of research include studying the impact of the polarization-induced stresses on the reliability of low density, non-volatile memory devices (FeRAMs).

Other areas of interest include developing analytical tools, algorithms, and codes for improving materials performance and reliability and understand its relation to processing, structure, and properties. Current work emphasizes the development of codes for the analysis of micrographic images and their associated properties and macroscopic response. Such tools are public to the scientific community.


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"Microstructural Modeling of Multifunctional Material Properties: The OOF Project." R. Edwin García, Andrew C.E. Reid, Stephen A. Langer, and W. Craig Carter. Invited chapter in "Continuum Scale Simulation of Engineering Materials." Dierk Raabe, Franz Roters, Frédéric Barlat, Long-Qing Chen (eds.), Wiley-VCH, Weinheim. ISBN 3-527-30760-5.

Scientific Software

Scientific Software

Object Oriented Finite Element Analysis

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