5th Annual Soft Materials Summer Research Symposium

Time: Tuesdays, 11:00 AM
Location: ARMS B071
Contact Name: Stacey Coar
Contact Email: scoar@purdue.edu
Priority: No
School or Program: Materials Engineering
College Calendar: Show
MSE graduate students will make presentations about their research during these Tuesday sessions.

June 20

Alejandro Alcaraz: Stop-flow Lithography Of Preceramic Precursors
Reaz Chowdhury: Continuous Fabrication Of Anisotropic CNC Coating With Roll To Roll Micro-gravure Process

June 27

Megan Forshey: Microlayered PET/PVDF Films: Mechano Optical Behavior In Uniaxial Extension
SungHo Yook: Electric-field Alignment Of Immiscible Polymer Blends With Dispersed Nanoparticles For Mesoporous Reactive Membranes

July 4

No meeting.

July 11

Daniela Betancourt: Encapsulation Of Methyl Laurate In Silicone For Passive Heating In Asphalt And Concrete Pavement
Hyungyung Jo: Characterizing Material Damage from Disinfectant Processes for Common Hospital Surfaces

July 18

Caitlyn Clarkson: Nanocellulose Reinforced Polymer Composites
Temitope Aminu: Functionalization Of Polymeric Fibrous Membranes With Anti-microbial Metals For Filtration Applications

July 25

Allie Burch: Mechanical Behavior Of Molecular Organic Solids
Eduard Caicedo-Casso: Rheo-flow-visualization:  Elucidating Flow Instabilities On Shear Rheometry

August 1

Mitchell Rencheck: Mechanical Characterization Of Free Standing Cellulose Nanocrystal Films Using Buckling Mechanic Metrology
Md. Nuruddin: Chemical And Thermal Characterization of Cured-in-placed Pipe (CIPP) And Exhaust Steam Released During Installation Activities

August 8

Hyeyoung Son: Soft Materials Adhesion Through The Transition Between Surface Wrinkling And Delamination
Jason Bice: Fundamentals Of Ultrasonic Speckle Velocimetry And Material Characterization