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Strategic Plan for School of Materials Engineering



Vision Statement

Purdue Materials Engineering will foster and cultivate new synergies for success:  Purdue Materials Engineering will set the pace for new interdisciplinary synergies that serve citizens world-wide with profound scientific, technological, social, and humanitarian impact on advancing societal prosperity and quality of life.


Purdue Materials Engineering is first and foremost committed to people.  Our materials engineering program serves diverse peoples through discovery that expands the frontiers of knowledge, learning that nurtures the sharing of knowledge, and engagement that promotes the application of knowledge.


Strategic Planning Emphases

  1. Establish Purdue MSE-Lead  Research Centers
    • Create and form teams, centers and institutes on topical themes
    • Advance interdisciplinarity of the broader materials community
    • Promotion of teams within and outside Purdue
  2. Increase total research dollars for Purdue MSE
    • Increase number of proposals submitted
    • Increase hit rate on proposals
    • Increase cost sharing inclusion in proposals
    • Increase funds available for cost sharing
  3. Establish Global Presence for Purdue MSE
    • Increase MSE undergrad, graduate and faculty participation in education and research exchanges and presentations
    • Increase number of international visitors and exchanges
    • Increase number of international proposal participations
  4. Increase Development Dollars Support
  5. Increase cohort of postdoctoral and research scientist professionals
    • Improve available infrastructure to support postdoctoral scientists
    • Include more postdoctoral positions in proposals