MSE Students Committed to Increasing Awareness About Materials Science and Engineering Among Young Students and Community Members

Committed to outreach

MSE students this year committed to increasing awareness about materials science and engineering among young students and community members by participating in many STEM outreach activities. These activities are geared towards getting people excited about science and inspiring students to pursue a career in materials engineering.

Demonstration materials were purchased by the MSE Grad Student Association to showcase cool materials and includes:

Memory metal springs, a superconductor, NeverWet superhydrophobic surfaces, a ceramic space shuttle tile, glass fiber pulling, environmental stress cracking of CDs, oobleck, ferrofluid, eddy current pipes, light up shoes, among others!

A big thank you to our 2013 to 2014 volunteers!

Alex Bruce, Derek Schwanz, Emily Walker, Gamini Mendis, Holly Avins, Isabella Ramirez, Jerome Nash, Prof. John Howarter, Kara Luitjohan, Lisa Rueschhoff, Logan Kearney, Logan Kroneman, Michael Heiden, Mitch Adducci, Sam Reeve, Travis Thornell, Winnie Tan

Quick stats:

  • Led 14 sessions on Materials Science and Engineering for the Women in Engineering Program, MSE 190, Seminar for Top Engineering Prospects, College Mentors, the Imagination Station, and Spring Fest
  • Outreach volunteers contributed over 100hrs of service
  • Interacted with over 1350 students and community members