MSE Students Participated in "Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day"

MSE students: (Grad Students:  Alex Bruce, Valerie Wiesner, Luthfia Syarbaini,Pylin Sarobol and Undergrad Student: Rose Galley) participated in "Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day" or IGED on Feb 23, 2013. They organized hands-on outreach activities to get female high school  freshmen and sophomores excited about Materials Engineering. Over 40 girls attended and they spent their Saturday morning with the graduate students, learning about properties of materials (strength of glass and heat-resistant space shuttle), magnetic responses of materials (ferrofluid and eddy current), newtonian fluid ("Oobleck" or cornstarch and water mixture), fiber (pulling fibers from jolly ranchers), crystal structures (making ice cream with liquid nitrogen), etc. For more information about IGED, please go to