MSE Undergraduate and Graduate Labs Cardswipe Application

With the approval of the appropriate lab supervisor, access to the MSE Research, and Teaching Labs may be gained by filling out this application. For the Teaching Labs, payment of the lab user fees allows graduate students access to the teaching labs on weekends and evenings. For research labs, the faculty members or lab supervisors responsible for the lab may approve access and no fee is charged. The card swipe locks are manually updated on a regular basis using the information gathered with this webform. Please be accurate in your responses, in that inaccurate answers may delay or prevent access.

1) Access granted you by your PUID is for you alone and your card access should not be loaned or shared with others.
2) Proper lab attire is required in all labs (long pants, closed toed shoes, and safety glasses in designated areas).
3) All posted rules and guidelines within the facility should be read and followed.
4) Approval from the lab supervisor must be obtained before equipment or materials are removed from the lab.
5) Chemicals:
  • MSDS: An MSDS is required for all chemicals.
  • Labeling: All chemicals must be properly labeled and stored.
  • Safety: Users should read the Hazard Assessment posted in the lab.
  • Disposing: Users are responsible for correctly disposing of all chemical wastes that they produce.
  • 6) Non-MSE Users: You may only use equipment for which you have been trained or for which you have gained approval to use from the lab supervisor.
    7) IMPORTANT: Access for undergrads is limited to 8am to 5pm M-F except with MSE Faculty or graduate student supervision.