Microstructural Analysis Facilities

rotating imageThe School of Materials Engineering has an extensive array of tools for microstructural analysis.  These range from the cutting, grinding and polishing equipment necessary for preparing samples to the optical and electron microscopes used to observe sample microstructure.  The School of Materials Engineering also provides a number of classes designed to train and enhance the skills of users through hands on experience and instruction on theory. 

Instruments and Equipment
    A wide array of optical microscopes, sample preparation facilities, AFMs, TEMs and SEMs are available.  Current users of the facility include: faculty, staff, post-docs, graduate and undergraduate students. For more detailed information about specific instruments and capabilities, please visit the following sites:

    As part of the education mission of our school we encourage users to sign up for classes offered by the department. Below is a selection of classes that are centered around materials and microstructural characterization.  These classes tend to be hands-on oriented but provide a mix of theory and practice designed to enhance user skills. 

  • MSE 335 - Materials Characterization Laboratory
  • MSE 510 - Microstructural Characterization Techniques
  • MSE 597 - Scanning Electron Microscopy (Formerly MSE 581 & 582)
  • MSE 582 - Transmission Electron Microscopy Skills
  • MSE 640 - Transmission Electron Microscopy and Crystal Imperfections