Atomic Force Microscopes



                 VECCO D5000: Atomic Force Microscope


  • Large Stage
  • Topography
  • Scanning Thermal Microscopy
  • Piezoforce Microscopy
  • Nano Lithography
  • Location: ARMS B222

               VECCO Multimode: Atomic Force Microscope


  • Small Sample
  • Topography
  • Location: ARMS B222




Prof. John Blendell (


Billing and Reservations


 Reservations: Coral



Card Swipe Access

Approved users can access the ARMS B200 suite that houses the atomic force microscopes using their Purdue ID.  To get your card activated, you must: (1) Be a certified user of one or more of the School of Materials Engineering's SEMs, TEMs, or AFMs housed within the suite, (2) Have a valid need for access (3) Fill out the following Card Swipe Access Web Form